Sleeplord’s New Album: Levels Of Perception


SLEEPLORD – “Levels Of Perception” – Cover, Tracklist, Release Date: 31st May 2019

The release date of the of the debutalbum „Levels Of Perception“ by the US-Metal Band SLEEPLORD on CD is May 31st, 2019. The pre-order phase will start on May 17th, 2019 in our webshop.

SLEEPLORD, from Ohio, release their debut album “Levels of Perception through Pure Steel Records. This first effort has classic metal flavorings combined with thrashy elements and a heavy groove influence. Ted Anderson’s strong vocals travel from soaring to aggressive and capture a monstrous melodic feel, this band offers to metal fans all over the world a slightly progressive Edge that will Captivate every connoisseur of this genre.

SLEEPLORD creates “Heavy magnetic Metal”. They pull you in… That’s what they do…!!!

1. Sobibor
2. Bigfoot
3. Stoner
4. Reason To Live
5. Drill Bit
6. The Hammer
7. Blood Eagle
8. Mrs. Simms
9. Wasted
10. Graveyard Rodeo

Total Playing Time: 40:04 min

Ted Anderson – vocals
Joshua Pitz – guitars
Calvin Burgess – bass
Mick Ross – drums

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