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Heavy Magnetic Metal with captivating
vocals, hooks and monster grooves.

…Awaken for Sleeplord…WELCOME…to the voice you know…feel the lyrics you didn’t write but wish you had!  Feel the melodies that hook your brain and hear the first offering on Pure Steel Records from Germany. The Disc is titled “Levels of Perception.” Release date is March 31st 2019, so prepare your ears,  upgrade your equipment, gather your party gear, take the day off and purchase the disc! “CRANK IT” and Level Your Perception….

Blood Eagle

Local Band Smokeout
The Hammer

Levels of Perception

The debut album “Levels Of Perception“ by the US-Metal Band SLEEPLORD has been unleashed by Pure Steel Records and is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deeder and Napster.

This first effort has classic metal flavorings combined with thrashy elements and a heavy groove influence.

Ted Anderson’s strong vocals travel from soaring to aggressive and capture a monstrous melodic feel. This band offers to metal fans all over the world a slightly progressive Edge that will Captivate every connoisseur of this genre. Click on the album cover to check out more about the album including track listings!

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Levels of Perception
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Band Members
And Bio

For vocalist Ted Anderson, Sleeplord began in 2013 after guitarist Josh Pits heard his voice and knew he would never find that tone again. Ted was performing in another band called “Lick the Blade” and they had done a stint in Germany and were preparing for their slot at the famous BlizzCon held in California. A busy man with a family and a business he still accepted the challenge to get them “out of the coop”, literally, rehearsal was in an old chicken coop with carpet layered on the floor and random insulation stapled around…you could taste the heat and you could smell the damn cold!

So he began the arduous task of teaching his lyrics and melodies to the band but then difficulty with keeping solid players in the group increased culminating in Ted stepping down/getting fired/quitting or whatever anyone called it. He was now the lord of not really anything musical but his vocal chords. Understand this, the magnitude of Ted’s voice is the loss that the guitars, bass and drums felt every day while he was gone. After 3 months of going steadily sideways left and at a downward angle the pleading began for his reappearance and reluctantly he returned. Direction was temporarily grasped and they recorded the self-released version of “Levels of Perception”. A few gigs ensued when Cleveland agent Juan Ricardo of Pure Steel Records, headquartered in Germany, heard Ted singing with Sleeplord and soon negotiated the signing. Band members were still rotating through the group but the third bass player, Calvin Burgess, solidified his position and is the man on the contract and new cd. Calvin performed and abused himself with notable acts such as “Chemikill” and “Mystik”. Alas, the changeovers were not really over as they realized their drummer was not fitting their style but yet they had just signed with Pure Steel Records in January 2018 for a two disc contract…My oh my sounds like a band story doesn’t it kids?…Then in March 2018 Calvin and Ted went to see Michael Schenker shred Cleveland. It was there they met drummer Mick Ross, he auditioned. Took the job. Wrote new parts. They re-recorded. They re-emerged. They are soon to be releasing the new “Levels of Perception” on Pure Steel Records!!

Converse with anyone at the record plant who has heard Ted and they’ll tell you he’s the reason for the contract. After you listen to the band we know you’ll agree that players may come and players may go but it’s his voice that you’ll always know.

Own the disc and journey through their kingdom.

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  • The best band I've seen so far this year!
    B.A. Productions
    Beth Anslow
  • This band is Magnetic Metal!
    Hard Rock Heavy Metal Magazine

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